3 years ago

Man Beats Impossible Odds Twice, Accidentally Doubles Down On Lottery Winnings

This man got more than just one stroke involving luck.

Kenneth Stokes, coming from Norwood, Massachusetts, had been understandably stoked when he received the telephone call in the Massachusetts Lottery final week, informing him that will read more...

3 years ago

California state lottery gas pump "self-serve" ticket sales fuel controversy

A new method to purchase lottery tickets in California gas stations will be fueling controversy. Critics say it's pumping up sales in the expense of customers who can afford it the actual least, CBS News' John Blackstone reports.

For Califo

3 years ago

Obama: Successful Businessmen Are 'Society's Lottery Winners'

OBAMA: "The top 25 hedge-fund managers made greater than all in the kindergarten teachers within the country. when I say that, I'm certainly not stating that because I dislike hedge fund managers as well as I believe they're evil, Im saying that y read more...